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Jenna's Inspiration

 We all have that one special horse or two that touches our hearts in a way that completely changes our lives and how we are as horse people. 


Jenna has been so very blessed to have met and connected with many amazing special horses that have touched her profoundly. One of those horses was her equine soulmate, Babe. They shared a deeply profound connection and Babe carried Jenna through her late childhood and teenage years into adulthood. Babe's endless patience, forgiveness and unconditional love for Jenna has helped her grow into the person she is today. Jenna learned many valuable lessons from Babe and is the reason why Jenna is on this healing path. To help Heal Horses and to be the Change She wishes to See in the Horse World.  A voice and advocate for all horses.  


Babe has crossed the Rainbow Bridge 10 years ago and is truly missed every day.  She lives on in Jenna's  heart and is Her Inspiration. 

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