Photo Credit: Yanina May Photography

    A self-professed student of the Horse,  Jenna continually study Horses, the Art of Communication with them, Horsemanship, straightness training, and other healing and rehabilitating modalities. She strives to  educate herself  as much as possible to make sure she stays up to date with health, biomechanics, welfare, training, and management. Jenna's approach is inspired by Equine Gurus around the world. To name a few: Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Carolyn Resnick, Mark Rashid, Marijke de Jong, Gabrielle Dareau, Karen Rohlf, Manolo Mendez, Jim Masterson, Linda Tellington -Jones, Dr. Madalyn Ward, Dr. Joyce Harman, Dr. Julie Getty, Pete Ramey, Jochen Schleese, and more.

 Jenna's  main focus is working with mostly challenged and rescue horses, as well as horses that need rehabilitating from injuries/health issues. Off the Track Thoroughbreds are a special interest. When Jenna worked at Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialist center across from Belmont Racetrack,  She was truly inspired by many of the racehorses she cared for. To help heal them and help them start over to lead a happier healthier life. Being an equine advocate and a voice for all horses is very important to Jenna.  She will work with any horse that needs healing and will work with them to overcome any obstacles they may face.