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Photo Credit: Yanina May Photography

Jenna is a lifelong horsewoman and her personal journey and passion for spirituality, mindfulness, and self-awareness led her to develop a unique style of healing and working with horses and their human partners. Her skills and interest in understanding the science behind how things work along with relying on her intuition, instincts, and feelings help her in the healing process with her clients. Jenna is always searching for new ways to look at things for each individual situation. By not staying stuck in one approach, she is able to keep the creativity and magic in the healing journey with each horse and human.


Jenna applies what she learns through her own self-growth to her professional growth. Jenna truly enjoys supporting her clients in their journeys.


As a Deaf Equine Professional, Jenna's deafness gives her the gift of being more intuitive with all animals, especially horses. With them, not being able to hear is something that she doesn't need to worry about. It's the art of body language and a soul-to-soul connection. Her approach consists of working with and healing horses using their language, using patience, empathy, and how they see and respond to the world.  Jenna expresses loving healing energy and in connecting with their spirit and soul. She is a strong confident fair leader. Jenna values having a partnership with a horse based on trust, consent, communication, mutual respect & understanding, compassion, and harmony. She takes pride in healing, caring, and rehabbing horses in the best way for them naturally, the way Mother Nature intended them to be.


A self-professed student of the Horse, Jenna continually studies Horses, the Art of Communication with them, Equine behavior/Cognitive skills, Liberty/Horsemanship, gymnastic training and other healing and rehabilitating modalities. She strives to  educate herself  as much as possible to make sure she stays up to date with health, diet, natural hoofcare, biomechanics & welfare. Jenna's approach is inspired by Equine Gurus around the world. To name a few: Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling, Carolyn Resnick, Caroline Beste- Tao of Horsemanship, Mark Rashid, Marijke de Jong- Straightness Training, Gabrielle Dareau- Happy Horse Training, Karen Rohlf- Dressage Naturally,  Jim Masterson-Masterson Method, Dr. Renee Tucker- Tucker Biokinetic Technique, Alissa Mayer- Equine Hanna Somatics, Linda Tellington -Jones- TTouch, Dr. Madalyn Ward, Dr. Joyce Harman, Dr. Julie Getty, Pete Ramey, Jamie Jackson, Angie Wells- Core Wellness 365, and more.


Off the Track Thoroughbreds are a special interest. When Jenna worked at Cornell Ruffian Equine Specialist center across from Belmont Racetrack, She was truly inspired by many of the racehorses she cared for. To help heal them and help them start over to lead a happier healthier life. Being an equine advocate and a voice for all horses is very important to Jenna. “To Be the Change She wishes to see in the Horse World”. 

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