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"Connecting the Mind, Body, and Spirit through Healing Touch and the Way of the Horse"


Meet Jenna Marie

Photo Credit: Yanina May Photography

Jenna Marie Townsend of JMT Equine Holistic Solutions is certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy. She uses an integrated approach in her healing sessions. Includes Masterson Method techniques, Sports Massage, Essential oils/Flower essences, Crystals, Acupressure/TCM perspectives, and Chakra/Energy healing. She is currently working on getting certified in Equine Kinesiology Taping, Holistic Equine Nutrition and Reiki. Everything plays a part in how and why a horse does what they do or can't do. To bring the horse's mind, body and spirit back into balance, Jenna uses her knowledge of equine anatomy, bodywork, behavior/cognition, patience, empathy and an in-depth understanding of their language and how they see and respond to the world. Jenna will work with any horse that needs healing. She will adjust her massage/bodywork and rehab sessions to each individual and help them overcome any obstacles they may face. 


As an intuitive and empath, Jenna's main focus is working with mostly challenged and rescue horses, as well as horses that need rehabilitating from injuries/health issues. To help horses and their humans in their healing journeys (physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually from trauma/ PTSD)


Offering a unique holistic approach in healing/rehab and horsemanship with trust, consent, confidence and authentic honest communication as the foundation of the partnership between you and your equine partner. In practicing Mindfulness and Being in the Present Moment & Movement where there is Freedom for Expression and True Connection. Being and communicating with horses in liberty, giving them the freedom of choice to work and play with us. Horse and human teaching each other and exploring together in the moment.


Jenna values and focuses on high-quality equine welfare, health and environment/management with a strong holistic natural mindset.  In looking at the whole horse perspective in what horses need as a species and reducing many of the physical, mental and emotional stress related issues, we will be able to truly help the individual horse heal within their own journey and help them thrive.

Practice Areas

Preserve his natural gaits.  Preserve his personality. Preserve his instinct to go forward.  Do this and you must be successful because you are respecting nature's wisdom."– Franz Mairinger

Offering different packages to fit you and your equine partner’s individual needs. Please feel free to contact Jenna for pricing info at or text at 516 504 5035.

Integrated Bodywork:

* Sessions will run 1-2 hrs. Depends on how the horse accepts the healing treatment.  Will work on what the horse needs most at the time of the session and include sports massage, Masterson Method techniques, Energy/ Chakra healing, acupressure, essential oils/flower essences/crystals, and kinesiology taping. Recommend for all kinds of horses- from athletes, school horses, broodmares/foals/stallions,  horses in training/ moderate work & leisure/pleasure, carriage/police horses, rehabs & special needs, rescue, therapy & retired horses.


Posture/Conformation faults - will ask clients to take pictures of the horse's Left and Right sides, Front and Back standing square, Left and Right at resting stance, and the profile of the face straight on and on the side. 


*All Inclusive/Evaluation* (includes 3 sessions)- 3 sessions are recommended within 30 days to allow the nervous system to integrate the work. Includes biomechanical evaluation/conformational analysis and integrated bodywork. Must use all 3 sessions in 30 days. *For New Clients Only*


Additional Services:

-Holistic Horsemanship

-Rehabilitation & Natural Ways to Restore Balance Mind, Body, &  Spirit 

-Additional Rehab Services for horses in recovery/layup

  • Contact for more info 


Upcoming Services will include: 

-Holistic Equine Nutrition

 Holistic Horse Care & Lifestyle 


  • Check out the FAQ page to learn a little more about these services 

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