"Making the Mind, Body, and Spirit connect through Healing Touch and the Way of the Horse"

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Meet Jenna Marie

  Jenna Marie Townsend  of  JMT Equine Holistic Solutions is certified in Equine Sports Massage Therapy.  She uses sports massage and also incorporates Masterson Method techniques, essential oils, some acupressure, and energy healing. She is currently working on getting certified in equine kinesiology taping and eventually include other healing and rehabilitation modalities in her services.   Everything plays a part in how and why a horse does what they do or can’t do. To bring the horse’s mind body and spirit back into balance, Jenna uses her knowledge of equine anatomy, bodywork, behavior, patience, empathy and an in-depth understanding of their language and how they see and respond to the world.   Jenna will work with all kinds of horses and adjust her massage/bodywork and rehab/conditioning sessions to match the horse.  Offering a unique holistic approach in healing and horsemanship with trust, confidence and honest communication as the foundation of the partnership between you and your equine partner. In practicing Mindfulness and Being in the Present Moment where there is Freedom for Expression and True Connection.

  Jenna  values and focuses on high-quality equine health, welfare, and management with a strong holistic natural mindset. She is a life long horsewoman and her personal journey and passion for mindfulness and self- awareness lead her to develop a unique style of healing and working with horses and their human partners.  Her skills and interest in understanding the science behind how things work along with relying  on her intuition, instincts, and feel helps her in the healing process with her clients.  Jenna is  always searching for new ways to look at things for each individual situation.  By not staying stuck in one approach,  she is  able to keep the creativity and magic in the healing journey with each horse and human.  Jenna applies to what she learns through her own self-growth to her professional growth.  Jenna truly enjoys supporting her clients in their journeys.


    As a Deaf Equine Professional,  Jenna's deafness gives her the gift of being more intuitive

with all animals especially horses. With them,  not being able to hear is something that she doesn't need to worry about. It's the art of body language and a soul to soul connection. Her approach consists of working with and healing horses using their language, using patience, empathy and how they see and respond to the world.  Jenna expresses loving healing energy and in connecting with their spirit and soul. She is a strong confident fair leader. Jenna values in  having a partnership with a horse based on trust, communication, mutual respect, compassion, and harmony. To be in the present moment.  She takes pride in healing, caring, and rehabbing horses in the best way for them naturally, the way nature intended them to be.  


Preserve his natural gaits.  Preserve his personality. Preserve his instinct to go forward.  Do this and you must be successful because you are respecting nature's wisdom."– Franz Mairinger

RATES FROM $50-$580

Offering different packages to fit you and your equine partner’s individual needs. Please feel free to contact Jenna for pricing info at jmtehs@gmail.com or text at 516 504 5035.

*Deep Relief Treatment/Target/Maintenance*

(1-2 hrs)- Depends on how the horse accepts the treatment. Recommend for horses in training program, competing, or currently returning to work after recovering from injury/colic/other health issues. Also recommended for horses regularly ridden, used for moderate work, therapy and retired horses. Will work on what horse needs most at the time of session and include sports massage and relieving stress points as needed, Masterson Method techniques, energy healing, acupressure, essential oils, kinesiology taping and hot/cold therapy.

*All Inclusive/Evaluation* (includes 3 sessions)

For new clients, 3 sessions are recommended within 30 days to allow the nervous system to integrate the work.

Includes biomechanical evaluation/conformational analysis. Then follow up sessions include Deep

Relief/Target/Maintenance, depending on what horse needs most at the time of the session. These sessions are scheduled based on individual needs.

Posture/Conformation faults - will ask clients to take pictures of the horse both sides and front standing square and back, at resting stance, and profile of face straight on and on the side.

A true horseman does not see his horse with his eyes, he feels his horse within his soul.~ Lesley-Ann Passmore

*Bodywork for shipping long distance* 

- (30-45 min) The demands placed on a horse’s body from trailering, multiple daily rides, intense warm ups and a hectic environment become a major stressor to the soft tissues and joints. Bodywork session before and after is important to helping maintain his soft tissue health and prevent onsite injuries.


Additional Rehab Services


In using natural and holistic ways to help you and your horse develop deeper bonds, calm and center each other, work through difficulties, set and reach goals for short term and long term.   Looking at the whole horse approach in developing a conditioning or rehabilitation program that best fits your horse’s needs. Will use knowledge of equine behavior and how they learn and their different personalities when

helping develop a conditioning/exercising/rehab program.


-Rehabilitation & Natural ways to bring your horse back into balance.


 -Working on correcting the horse natural asymmetry using gymnastic/ straightness training and core exercises to help them develop the postural ring of muscles for correct engagement through the hind end.   


- Problem-solving for difficult horses


-Techniques for calming the horse's nervous system


-Holistic horse care, handling &



-Connected Groundwork/Liberty

Layups can be very stressful on you and your equine partner.


If you have a horse that is recovering from injury and/or has health issues (physical, mental, emotional) and needs specialized extra care and your  juggling times to be able to medicate and meet reconditioning schedules-


Jenna offers services in addition to equine massage/bodywork and horsemanship to help in the healing and rehabilitation period.


Services include:


-Medicating/ Wound Care/Management



-Hand Walking/Hand Grazing

- Hydrotherapy / Hot and Cold

- Post Colic Recovery/Rehab and Surgical Recovery/Rehab

( Following Vet Treatment/Rehab Schedule)

-Exercising  and conditioning 

- Energy/ Chakra healing



* Jenna prefers to collaborate as a team with your current vet, farrier/trimmer, equine dentist, and other equine healthcare professionals involved in your horses care. In  developing a treatment plan that is best suited for your horse's needs.


If you require a service not listed , please let me know and Jenna will be happy to accommodate you.


To give you the peace of mind knowing your equine partner is given the absolute best professional care possible and be able to achieve optimal healing and recovery in mind, body , and spirit.