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Preserve his natural gaits.  Preserve his personality. Preserve his instinct to go forward.  Do this and you must be successful because you are respecting nature's wisdom."

– Franz Mairinger


“Above all, let us begin to “feel”! The ability to feel is a gift from God to each one of us. Let us begin to feel ourselves and understand our horses.
~ Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling


“Natural Balance is the communication between two beings by the most subtle, almost invisible, signals, minute changes in the center of gravity and through pure thought and feeling.”
~ Klaus Ferdinand Hempfling


A true horseman does not see his horse with his eyes, he feels his horse within his soul.
~ Lesley-Ann Passmore



“The horse is always free to express itself! And if something goes wrong, it is always because the human does not communicate clearly enough.” Klaus Ferdinand Hempflin



Never underestimate the possibility for things to improve in ways you cannot yet imagine.- Karen Rolf Dressage Naturally


Believe me when I tell you that working with horses can be exciting-practically intoxicating at times -because you are learning to play with magic " - Allan J. Hamilton , MD


Rehabilitation is a process; it is a journey; it is hard work; it is life. There is no miracle but, as it involves love and friends and had work, it is a miracle.
~ Jean  Luc Cornille



Our world has enough problems. Use your gift. Use the gift that our horses have given us. It is the gift of compassion, of harmonizing through our differences, of creating positivity, of partnership over dominance, of leading through following, of communicating by understanding, of being open within boundaries.
-Karen Rolf, Dressage Naturally

In a balanced relationship, we go with them as much as we ask them to go with us. Harmony will happen when we follow our horses. Harmony will also happen when they follow us.

-Karen Rolf , Dressage Naturally


When horses learn to be more open and free in their bodies they move better, become more self-aware, and more open to training and treatments.
All healing ultimately comes from within..


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